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UNEP FI Membership: An investment in your company

Why get involved?

Financial institutions (FIs) are under closer scrutiny than ever before. Investors and regulators are increasingly asking challenging questions about corporate governance, the social and environmental impacts of operations and investments and how FIs support their local communities.

Answering these questions is not easy and requires institutions to change policies and practices. This may seem a daunting task. Membership in the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) has proved invaluable, helping hundreds of Signatories since 1992 to understand stakeholder concerns, exchange best practice and stay on top of the issues.

Membership in UNEP FI is not only about surviving this public scrutiny; it is also about learning how to turn it into an opportunity for growth and shaping the sustainable finance agenda as it develops.

What are the benefits of joining UNEP FI?

Members enjoy a range of benefits from their involvement with UNEP FI:

  • Keep abreast of the latest trends, tools and practices relating to sustainable finance
  • Be part of an international network of financial institutions and engage in peer-to-peer information and experience sharing
  • Take part in shaping the global sustainable finance agenda by participating in the Initiative‚Äôs various thematic, sectoral and regional groups
  • Show leadership on a global level by endorsing and participating in UNEP FIs various conferences, seminars and training workshops
  • Gain preferential access to the ground-breaking research, implementation tools and capacity-building offered by UNEP FI
  • Gain access to key stakeholders from the government and civil society

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For more information about becoming a Member, contact:
Signatory Relations, UNEP FI
Email: signatory@unepfi.org


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