Drought Stress Testing Tool

The ‘Drought Stress Testing Tool’ enables banks to assess if a client may be at risk from drought and how drought can affect a sector or region. A clearer understanding of the risk associated with droughts can help build more resilient financial institutions, and by shifting finance to less vulnerable sectors and regions, economies can become […]

NCD Roadmap

This report provides preliminary guidance on how the four commitments in the Natural Capital Declaration can be implemented by the finance industry.
Executive Summary


The report investigates sovereign credit risk in terms of natural resource risks and environmental impacts.

Chief Liquidity Series – Issue 3: Extractive Industries

The third issue of the Chief Liquidity Series focuses on a number of sub-sectors within the broader extractive sector. The first part of the briefing displays how water risks may manifest themselves in different types of extractive sub-sectors and how this in turn could affect the finance sector. Within the realm of this publication we […]

Biodiversity Offsets: Voluntary and Compliance Regimes

A new UNEP-WCMC and UNEP FI report – “Biodiversity Offsets: Voluntary and Compliance Regimes” – provides an overview of voluntary biodiversity offset initiatives by businesses as well as compliance regimes of governments that are requiring companies to offset their impact on biodiversity and ecosystems. It also highlights existing challenges and opportunities for such schemes. Published: […]

Tread lightly

Biodiversity and ecosystem services risk and opportunity management within the extractive industry