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Nigeria Sustainable Finance Week

ACAD Carbon Finance Workshop

This one-day seminar on Carbon Financing sponsored by the African Carbon Asset Development (ACAD) Facility targets the needs of credit and credit risk managers and investment officers working within African financial institutions. Its objective is to enhance these financial professionals’ understanding of the new business opportunities presented by global carbon trading and carbon credit offset investments in Africa.

After the workshop participants will be better able to identify carbon credit generation opportunities in areas such as renewable energy and energy efficiency and to understand how the carbon credit project cycle overlaps with traditional investment project cycles. Specifically, participants will also gain insight into how to appraise the risks associated with such investments and how carbon revenue streams could be integrated into equity and project financing structures and modeling.

A case study providing a hands-on simulation involving the financial structuring of a carbon transaction and the negotiation of an emission reductions purchase agreement also forms part of the training.

Experts in carbon project development and sustainable finance from Standard Bank, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), and African CDM development organizations will ensure maximum value from your participation.




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