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Pursuing Economic Growth in a Water Scarce 21st Century

30 October | 14.00 - 18.00 | Societe Generale | Paris

Although the sovereign debt crisis is still reverberating throughout Europe, and justifiably demands a lot of immediate attention, it is also important to look beyond the current crisis to identify what drives economic growth in a 21st century. While the second half of the 20e century was marked with falling commodity prices and relatively few environmental constraints, the 21st century is surely looking different with a significant rise in commodity prices and more environmental challenges.

This conference, hosted at Société Genérale’s headquarters in Paris, focuses on how water is increasingly becoming material for a range of industries and therefore for the financial sector as well. How can material water risks be turned into opportunities that drive growth in the 21e century? Hear first hand from a range of professionals in the industry and financial services sector about their approach to this topic. UNEP FI will also be launching the 3rd issue of the Chief Liquidity Series on extractive industries.


Jason Morrison, Pacific Institute / CEO Water Mandate


- Assessing and valuing ESG risks

- How a leading Chinese/South African bank addresses water challenges

- How industry is addressing water and other ESG challenges

- Panel discussion: Pursuing economic growth in an age of water scarcity

- Water metrics: usefulness, applications and limitations

Full agenda here.

For more information, please contact Meiling Su (meiling.su [at] unep.org).


Chief Liquidity Series – Issue 3: Extractive Industries