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Investor Briefing: Launch of UNEP FI Property Working Group Report - Commercial Real Estate: Unlocking the energy efficiency retrofit investment opportunity

Date: Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Hosted by Deutsche Bank Asset & Wealth Management

Venue: Deutsche Bank, 60 Wall St. Room 4702, New York City


Buildings account for approximately a third of the world’s energy consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions. They are considered a high-impact sector for urgent mitigation action on climate change. One of the most effective means for the finance industry to reduce these is by implementing energy efficiency retrofits (EERs).

The report developed by the UNEP FI Property Working Group provides a synthesis of practices from real estate leaders presented in the form of a seven step process for how investors can increase the value of their real estate assets through energy efficiency retrofits.

The report was launched and presented by Bentall Kennedy (lead author) in New York on February 26, at Deutsche Bank.

The event brought together more than 50 investment professionals from North America to discuss and reinforce the business case for the financing of energy efficiency retrofits in commercial buildings. It invited speakers and the audience to debate on financing solutions that can contribute to creating supply for energy efficiency retrofits projects.

While forward thinking real estate investors are currently tapping profitable energy efficiency retrofit opportunities, there remains a large market gap between the quarter-trillion dollar potential and reality. A few key questions were debated by the panel, it included (but not exclusively):

  • Which weaknesses/barriers are holding the sector back the most?
  • What are the financing solutions that can help create a bigger supply for EERs projects?
  • What signals should investors be sending to push asset managers invest in EERs?
  • What are viable policies for government to speed people through the steps?

Panelists provided an overview of what investors, asset managers and banks can already undertake to scale up the financing of energy efficiency in buildings by sharing experience about existing and successful financing mechanisms or instruments.

The discussion also highlighted the Investor Briefing’s seven steps process which was very positively perceived and considered as relevant to support investors in their investment decision process.

Last but not least the event was organized in partnership with the Urban Land Institute Greenprint Center. The ULI Greenprint Center advocates for measurable actions and achieve concrete energy efficiency gains with their members while demonstrating the correlation with increased property values.



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