Bancoldex S.A.- Banco de Comercio Exterior y Desarrollo Empresarial


Latin America & Caribbean

Date joined:13 April, 2011

Company Profile
Bancóldex SA is a mixed capital corporation, under the authority of the Colombian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. A business development and foreign trade institution, it offers financing alternatives to all Colombian corporations. In order to meet their operating and investment needs as required by their economic activity, Bancóldex SA particularly emphasizes modernization, expansion of productive capacity and good environmental practices. The operations are channeled through commercial financial intermediaries, who assume the direct risk of the companies benefiting from these resources.
Bancóldex and CSR
In order to fulfill our mission, Bancóldex has incorporated the environmental dimension into its activities through its environmental policy, compliance of which is based upon three lines of action: eco-efficiency programs, product structuring and investment services to finance with positive impact on the environment as well as an environmental assessment of the credit operations of our customers. Likewise, the training of both Bancóldex’s staff and customers is an axis along which the bank implements its environmental policy objective.
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