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Guide to Banking & Sustainability

Understanding and Implementing Sustainability in your Bank based on the UNEP Statement of Commitment by Financial Institutions on Sustainable Development

Launched at Global Roundtable on 19-20 October 2011 in Washington DC, the UNEP FI Guide to Banking and Sustainability provides a clause-by-clause explanation of the UNEP Statement of Commitment by Financial Institutions on Sustainable Development, seeking both to shed further light on the meaning of individual clauses, and to provide guidance on how banking institutions might seek to apply them in their day-to-day operations. The Guide further provides illustrations of current practice within UNEP FI Signatory banks, and references to key resources.

The tool results from consultations with a variety of UNEP FI members from the banking sector, who have identified a range of uses to the Guide, from Board level to operations:

  • A clear and practical interpretation of the UNEP Statement for UNEP FI’s banking members, as well as a roadmap/benchmark against which to measure and orient their sustainability work
  • An introduction to sustainable banking for practitioners, especially pioneers in emerging markets, who are seeking guidance on how to implement sustainability
  • Support material for sustainability drivers and champions within banks with to build up the business case for sustainability within the organisation/ across different departments
  • A tool to educate new staff (and refresh current staff) on sustainability issues
  • A means for all stakeholder groups/the general public to better understand the intersection between banking and sustainability

For further information, please contact: banking [at] unepfi.org


Would you like this Guide in another language? Would you be interested in arranging the translation?

Please get in touch with the Secretariat at banking [at] unepfi.org.

Conditions of translation:

  1. The Secretariat must be advised of any organisations translating the Guide
  2. Translations must follow the format of the original Guide, which will be provided by the Secretariat
  3. Translations of the Guide will be made publicly available
  4. Electronic copies of the translated Guide are to be made publicly available from the UNEP FI website
  5. Translations must be shared with the Secretariat prior to being made publicly available
  6. Acknowledgement of the entity arranging translation will appear on page 3 (inner cover) as follows:
    “The translation of this Guide into (insert language) was funded by (insert organisation name & logo)”