UNEP Finance Initiative

Online Voting & Proxy Form

UNEP Finance Initiative
Annual General Meeting
26 November 2018

This Voting and Proxy Form is to be used by signatory members who wish to vote in advance of the AGM regardless of whether the member will be absent or present for the in-person AGM.

Members are asked to vote on each voting item specifically (section A) and/or give their proxy (section B) to the UNEP FI Co-Chairs or another Institution's representative attending the AGM.

A comments form (Section C) is available to communicate your thoughts on any agenda item. Comments received will be collated per agenda item and communicated during the relevant sections of the AGM to be used to facilitate discussions.

PLEASE SUBMIT THIS VOTING & PROXY FORM BY 17:00 CET, Friday, 23 November 2018


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A. Voting Form

Please refer to the Agenda & Background Papers on the AGM web page for details
Agenda 2. Summary Record from the 2017 Annual General Meeting (Appendix 1)      
Agenda 8.i. Approval of the 2017 Financial Report (Appendix 5)      
Agenda 8.ii. Approval of the proposed 2019 budget (Appendix 5)      
Agenda 8.iii. Approval of the proposed 2020 membership fee
Total assets (US Dollars)CHFCHF
From 100 billion and above20,30020,900
From 5 billion to less than 100 billion10,15010,450
From 1 billion to less than 5 billion4,0004,120
Below 1 billion2,4402,510

B. Proxy Form (Choose one option)
Only applicable if not voting in Part A

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C. Comments to any of the agenda items

Please specify which agenda item(s) your comment(s) refer to


If you require any assistance, please contact UNEP FI Signatory Relations

Visit the 2018 AGM webpage.