Become a “Founding Signatory”: Join with 100+ Signatory Banks at the launch of the Principles, and other supporting Endorser financial institutions 

“Every bank should become a signatory, and all regulators, investors, policy makers and civil society should support the banking industry as it adopts and implements the Principles for Responsible Banking.”

~ Christiana Figueres, convener Mission 2020 and former Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

The more banks that become Signatories when the Principles officially launch on 22 September 2019, the greater impact the banking industry will have in leading society to meet its goals for a sustainable and equitable future.

Other key stakeholders such as banking associations, regulators, investors and civil society organizations can also support the initiative by joining a community of 100+ official Endorsers. 

The 28 Founding Banks:

Additional banks that have committed to becoming Signatories of the Principles:

Wema bank logo Caixa Bank logo
Alexbank logo BCC Grupo Cajamar Sumitomo Mitsui Trust logo
Banco Galicia logo Banco de Fomento Agropecuario logo Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group logo
Arion Bank - for the future - logo Polaris bank logo Spare Bank logo
Itau logo

(BBVA in Argentina)



Supporting (non-bank) Endorsers of the Principles:

Institute for Social Banking - Education -Network - Research Ethical Finance Hub logo RepRisk - Due diligence on ESG and business conduct Chartered Banker
Islamic Finance Council (UK) logo Mindful Finance Institute Febelfin logo Datamaran logo
ABBL (Luxembourg Bankers Association) logo

Why join the global community supporting the Principles for Responsible Banking?

Becoming an Signatory sends a public signal of your support for the Principles for Responsible Banking and for the global development goals set by countries worldwide.

As a bank, it shows that you aspire to align your business strategy with society’s goals, and to make the most of this opportunity for your customers, clients and investors.

As a supporting institution, endorsing the Principles for Responsible Banking demonstrates your commitment to a more sustainable banking sector, and to maximizing the positive benefits of this to your institution as an investor and to society-at-large.

Signatory Bank:  

Banks are encouraged to commit to becoming a Signatory of the Principles for Responsible Banking before the launch on 22 September 2019. Banks that do so are are recognized on the UNEP FI website, and will be invited to take part in the global launch.

Steps to take, for banks:

Your bank becomes an official Signatory once your CEO signs the commitment statement.  Your bank can then publicly announces its endorsement, with a quote from your CEO.

All banks that sign on or before 22 September 2019 will become “Founding Signatories” of the Principles for Responsible Banking. 

Banks that are signatories to the Principles for Responsible Banking will become members of UNEP FI, and will benefit from the collaborative membership base and implementation support (UNEP FI membership).

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Signatory of the Principles for Responsible Banking

Supporting Endorser of the Principles:

Other non-banking institutions such as banking associations, investors, regulators/policymakers and civil society organizations are encouraged to endorse the Principles. Stakeholders that endorse the Principles will be listed on the UNEP FI website as an official Endorser.

Becoming an Endorser shows you are supportive of the initiative to establish the Principles for Responsible Banking.

Steps to take, for Endorsers:

Your leaderships signs a letter of endorsement committing to supporting the Principles for Responsible Banking and promoting them in your network. 

Your institution can then publicly announce its endorsement. 

Contact us to learn more about becoming a non-bank Endorser of the Principles for Responsible Banking