“We are integrating part of the requirements of these Principles in the RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), the leading annual survey of companies seeking to benchmark their sustainability performance and competing for membership in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). Banks that want to be best in class in the CSA and members of the DJSI should therefore seek to align with this new global standard”.

Daniel Wild, Co-CEO of RobecoSAM

Official Documents

Implementation Guidance and Resources

  • Coming Soon: Knowledge sharing and guidance document to support banks in their implementation of the Principles and point to relevant resources, tools, frameworks and good practices will be published in September 2019.


PLEASE NOTE: The draft  Implementation Guidance below is being updated following the completion of the Consultative Process, and is for information only. 

The draft document “Implementation Guidance” was released in November 2018. Following feedback received during the six-month consultative process, this is being replaced by a forthcoming “knowledge sharing and guidance” document. As this will not be released until September, 2019, what follows are excerpts from the old Implementation Guidance. Although the contents of this document are changing, you may find some of the detail and help provided in the text useful.

Implementation Guidance for Principle 1: Alignment
Implementation Guidance for Principle 2: Impact
Implementation Guidance for Principle 3: Clients and Customers
Implementation Guidance for Principle 4: Stakeholders
Implementation Guidance for Principle 5: Governance and Target Setting
Implementation Guidance for Principle 6: Transparency and Accountability
Reporting template and Review guidelines