“We are integrating part of the requirements of these Principles in the RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), the leading annual survey of companies seeking to benchmark their sustainability performance and competing for membership in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). Banks that want to be best in class in the CSA and members of the DJSI should therefore seek to align with this new global standard”.

Daniel Wild, Co-CEO of RobecoSAM

About this Implementation Guidance

The Implementation Guidance details the Principles for Responsible Banking and what requirements signatories need to fulfil. It sets out the relevance of and intention behind each Principle and provides detailed guidance on how it can be implemented.

Taking into account that banks which commit to the Principles will differ significantly in context and starting point, there is specific guidance under each Principle for banks that are just starting out as well as for banks that are relatively advanced and are looking for guidance on how to continuously improve their performance. Under each Principle there are key resources banks can refer to and use for implementing the Principle as well as examples to provide some concrete ideas.

As UNEP FI members, banks that are signatories to these Principles will have access to a wealth of support, tools, expertise and peer learning. UNEP FI is, amongst other things, developing a dashboard that will allow banks to self-assess where they stand with regards to their implementation of each Principle and provide guidance on what steps and measures they could be taking next.

PLEASE NOTE: The Implementation Guidance is being updated following the completion of the Consultative Process, the below is the original draft version. 

Implementation Guidance for Principle 1: Alignment
Implementation Guidance for Principle 2: Impact
Implementation Guidance for Principle 3: Clients and Customers
Implementation Guidance for Principle 4: Stakeholders
Implementation Guidance for Principle 5: Governance and Target Setting
Implementation Guidance for Principle 6: Transparency and Accountability
Reporting template and Review guidelines

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