Resources to help you share the Principles

When you endorse the Principles, you will want to let your stakeholders know of your support. We make this easy for you by providing content resources such as key messages and social media assets in this password protected area.

Most of this content is password protected for endorsers and founding banks. To view this content please enter your password when prompted.

Press Release Announcement Templates:

Standard Copy

Includes one line and one paragraph statements about the Principles and the founding banks, why the Principles are relevant now and their purpose, value and mission.

Value Proposition and Key messages

Overall value proposition and key messaging for different stakeholders: banks (members and non-members of UNEP FI), influencers (investors, policy makers, civil society, customers, employees) and endorsers.

Facts, figures and statistics

Quotes and facts about responsible banking, sustainability and the state of the world

Social media

Social media cards about the initiative and each principle, as well as elements (logos and principles icons)


6 Principles | Principles Key Features | Why now & What are the Principles |  Signatory Requirements

CEO Video Guidelines

Access the guidelines on how to record your CEO Video, as well as proposed questions.


Available here are the logos for the Principles for Responsible Banking, the graphics for each individual Principle, and the banner and cover image.

Principles for Responsible Banking Logos | The Principles Graphics

Principles for Responsible Banking Banner Image | Principles for Responsible Banking Cover Image