Past Events

20 November 2019 | Paris, France

Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Workshop

UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) and the European Commission are organising a Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Workshop alongside the Sustainable Ocean Summit. Participants will explore what is required for the finance sector to accelerate uptake of finance-related policies, practices, financial instruments, opportunities and initiatives to contribute to a sustainable blue economy.

11-12 June 2019

RI Europe

UNEP FI is pleased to support this annual two-day conference which provides a unique opportunity to learn, share and debate responsible investment issues with 700+ investment professionals from across the globe. Engage with Europe’s largest investors on key themes affecting local markets and the rest of the world. Thought-leaders from across the institutional investment sector as well as academic researchers will come together to debate key issues.

30 April 2019 | Frankfurt, Germany

Emerging Global Trends in Sustainable Finance: a meeting with Eric Usher, Head of UNEP FI

VfU are presenting an open meeting with Eric Usher, Head of UNEP FI to discuss global trends in sustainable finance. The event, which is organised in cooperation with the Green and Sustainable Cluster (GSFC) Germany will discuss UNEP FI’s Principles for Responsible Banking, implementation of the TCFD Recommendations, an update on taxonomy for banks, impact-based approaches to corporate lending and more.

12 March 2019 | Paris, France

Sustainable Investment Forum Europe 2019

The Sustainable Investment Forum Europe will take place on 12 March in Paris. This must-attend forum will convene over 300 asset owners and managers, ratings agencies, banks, UN and Government policymakers, investors, development banks, think tanks, and NGOs committed to driving forward the sustainable finance agenda.

12-13 September 2018 | Munich, Germany

VfU/UNEP FI Roundtable on Sustainable Finance

Discuss sustainable organisation, sustainable business, and sustainable communications in light of the European Action Plan on Sustainable Finance on 12-13 September, 2018 in Munich, Germany at one of the biggest gatherings in the German-speaking sustainable finance field.

13 March 2018 | Paris, France

Sustainable Investment Forum Europe: Financing Innovation for a Low Carbon Future

Building on the success of its Forum in New York, Climate Action is bringing the Sustainable Investment Forum to Europe in March 2018 in partnership with UNEP FI.
The European Forum will welcome 250+ high-level decision-makers from the finance community, European governments and think tanks to meet, network, share ideas and discuss concrete solutions to the current challenges of the European and global climate finance market.

23 November 2017 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Presentation and launch of the Positive Impact Initiative

UNEP FI is pleased to announce the upcoming presentation and launch of its Positive Impact Initiative in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 23rd November 2017, which will be hosted by Dutch Central Bank De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), in partnership with the Dutch members of the Positive Impact Initiative: ABN AMRO, ING Bank and Triodos Bank.

16-18 October 2017 | Geneva, Switzerland

UNEP FI Regional Roundtable for Sustainable Finance in Europe

UNEP FI is establishing Regional Roundtables to provide an opportunity for members and actors in the sustainable finance community to come together locally to discuss the latest trends and innovations, and share good practice. 2017 marks UNEP FI’s 25th anniversary, and in this landmark year, our first ever Regional Roundtables will be the focus of our celebrations.

26 September 2017 | Webinar

Webinar: Deployment of Energy Efficient Mortgages in Europe

The European Union’s Energy Union Framework Strategy includes energy efficiency as one of its five dimensions and states it is to be considered as an energy source in its own right. The ambitious Paris climate agreement also underlines the importance of energy efficiency. To realise its full potential, public funds will not suffice and private financing will have to be unlocked on a large scale. This webinar, organised in partnership with the European Commission, will discuss the use of energy efficient mortgages in Europe.
Register by 22 September 2017.

14 September 2017 | Guildhall - London, UK

Environmental Finance’s Green Equities

Environmental Finance, in association with the City of London Corporation and Green Finance Initiative, will hold their inaugural Green Equities conference on 14 September 2017 at the Guildhall in London.

Attend this summit to hear the latest trends and learn about the drivers set to shape green equity investments.

19 May 2017 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Financing Energy Efficiency in the Nordic Region

The event aims to share best practice from Denmark, Sweden and Finland on how energy efficiency can be financed through private funds and innovative financing instruments, notably in the building and industry sectors. The event is organised as part of a series of events over three years, seeking to build and support long-lasting action in EU Member States.

27 April 2017 | Prague, Czech Republic

Financing Energy Efficiency in Central Europe

Targeting the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria, this event aims to share best practice from the region on how energy efficiency can be financed through private funds and innovative financing instruments, notably in the building and industry sectors. The event is organised as part of a series of events over three years, seeking to build and support long-lasting action in EU Member States.

26 April 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden

First 2017 in-person meeting of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition

The members of the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition (PDC), a UNEP FI-convened platform of 30 leading investors worldwide committed to taking bold portfolio action in response to climate change, are convening this week in Stockholm, at the invitation and under the auspices of Scandinavian pension company Storebrand/SPP, a member of the PDC Steering Committee.

27-28 March 2017 | Berlin, Germany

PAGE – Partnership for Action on Green Economy – Ministerial Conference in Berlin

Over 350 ministers, heads of UN Agencies, business and thought leaders, representatives from civil society and development partners will convene in Berlin at the PAGE Ministerial Conference 2017 to discuss what it takes to further a “just transition” to economies which are more inclusive, stable and sustainable.

UNEP FI is co-ordinating “green investment” sessions to explore ways in which policymaking could more effectively harness capital markets to set pathways towards low-carbon, resilient and sustainable economies.

Old Events

Sustainable Finance Forum Turkey 2016

11 May 2016 | Istanbul, Turkey The Sustainable Finance Forum Turkey, launched in 2013 by UNEP FI in partnership with the Business Council for Sustainable Development and Global Compact Turkey, hosted its third multi-stakeholder discussion on 11th May in Istanbul. The Forum, dedicated to understanding the complex interlinkages between finance and sustainability, and the practical…

UNEP FI – VfU Roundtable ‘Licence to Operate: Sustainability in Finance, Between Opportunity and Responsibility’

18-19 November 2014 | Frankfurt, Germany The 2014 edition of VfU / UNEP FI Roundtable on Sustainable Finance, an annual multi-stakeholder meeting for German-speaking countries on responsible finance issues, focused on the fundamental question of the role of finance institutions vis-à-vis society, and in ensuring a stable and sustainable economy. Experts from academia, businesses, government…

UNEP FI at EU Green Week Conference 2014

4 June 2014 | Brussels, Belgium The Green Week Conference hosted by the European Commission, known as the biggest annual conference on European environment policy, focused this year on Circular Economy, Resource Efficiency and Waste. The Conference provided a platform for participants from Government, business and industry, environmental associations, academia and the media, to exchange…

Second Annual Forum on Sustainable Finance in Turkey

16 May 2014 | Istanbul, Turkey The multi-stakeholder platform for discussing sustainable finance in Turkey was organized for the second year by the Business Council for Sustainable Development Association Turkey, the UN Global Compact Turkey and UNEP FI. The 2014 edition, hosted by Borsa Istanbul, used ‘shared responsibility’ as the underlying theme for all panel…

Global Water Investment Summit: contributing to knowledge exchange on water risks

7-8 May 2014 | London, UK The Global Water Investment Summit, which UNEP FI joined as a supporter and discussion participant, gathered investors, banks, governments, regulators, NGOs, water utilities, users of water and suppliers of water-related products and services from 13 countries around the topic of creating a long-term, sustainable water strategy – based on…

UNEP FI – VfU Conference “Financing Future – Future Finance. Financial Solutions for a Sustainable Development”

18-19 November 2013 | Bonn, Germany The 9th edition of UNEP FI / VfU Roundtable on sustainable finance gathered finance institutions, sustainability experts, policy-makers and regulators, scientists, and academia from German-speaking countries over two days to brainstorm on how to create an enabling environment for finance institutions to contribute to sustainable development goals, learn about…

UNEP FI at the Globe EU High-level conference ‘EU 2020 and Long-Term Investments – How to Mobilize Private Finance in Support of a Resilient, Low-Carbon, Resource Efficient and Inclusive Economy?”

2 October 2013 | Brussels, Belgium The Conference organized by GLOBE EU brought together representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament and Member States Parliaments, public and private financial sector and civil society to discuss the actions required to attain Europe 2020 strategy objectives, including the necessary changes in the regulatory framework which will ensure…

Sustainable Finance – A Dialogue with the Croatian Banking Sector

17 September 2013 | Zagreb, Croatia A meeting with the Croatian banking sector was organized with the support of the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) and facilitated by the Croatian Banking Association (HUB) to exchange knowledge on current initiatives, gaps and challenges related to sustainability in banking in Croatia. Around 20 representatives from…

The Materiality of Environmental and Social Issues for the Finance Sector

6 June 2013 | Brussels, Belgium UNEP FI in partnership with Globe EU brought together European policy-makers and the financial sector during a lunchtime event at the European Parliament, to exchange their perspectives on the relevance and materiality of sustainability considerations for finance institutions. On the one hand, European Commission speakers shed light on initiatives…

Sustainable Finance Forum in Turkey

3 May 2013 | Istanbul, Turkey The Sustainable Finance Forum brought together various actors from the sustainable finance scene in Turkey to discuss existing responsible finance practices in the country, reveal related gaps and challenges and put forward recommendations for action to upscale the financial sector contribution to sustainable development in Turkey. Garanti Bank, Şekerbank…

Introductory Training Workshop on Environmental and Social Risk Analysis Turkey

26 March 2013 | Istanbul, Turkey A group of professionals from 15 Turkish banks, as well as from the consultancy and development finance community were trained during a one-day workshop on Environmental and Social Risk Analysis. The participants improved their understanding of the exposure of finance institutions to social and environmental risks as a consequence…