Through its Climate Change Advisory Group (CCAG), UNEP FI aims to understand the roles, potentials and needs of the finance sector in addressing climate change, and to advance the systematic integration of climate change factors – both risks and opportunities – into financial decision-making. The CCAG does so by working with the UNEP FI Industry Commissions to promote public and finance sector leadership on climate change.

CCAG catalyzes public leadership on climate change by providing:

  • Political advocacy – Mobilising the finance sector as an influential advocate of public leadership, and ambitious public policies, on climate change
  • Technical advice to policy-makers –  Briefing policy-makers, nationally and internationally, on the nature of private financial markets and their mobilization for climate change mitigation and adaptation

CCAG promotes finance sector leadership on climate change by providing:

  • Technical advice to financial institutions – Briefing and training financial institutions on the risks and opportunities resulting from climate change
  • Research & development on measurement and disclosure systems – Supporting the development and adoption of frameworks and indicators for the measurement and disclosure of FIs’ i) climate-related risk exposures and ii) alignment with the low-carbon and climate-resilient economy
  • Platforms of climate leaders from the financial industry – Offering platforms gathering committed leaders from the industry, so as to present, document and monitor leadership, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences


These are the current members of CCAG (members to CCAG are appointed following a nomination and election process, and their number is limited to 10).

Insurance representatives:
Karsten Löffler, Managing Director, Allianz Climate Solutions (Chair)
Andreas Spiegel, Head Group Sustainability Risk, SwissRe

Banking representatives
Abyd Karmali, Managing Director, Climate Finance, Bank of America Merryl Lynch
Giorgio Capurri, UniCredit
Madeleine Ronquest, Head of Environmental and Social Risk, First Rand

Investment representatives
Bruce Duguid, Hermes Equity Ownership Services
Frederic Samama, Deputy Global Head of Institutional & Sovereign Clients, Amundi

Nick Robins, Co-Director, UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System
Merlyn VanVoore, Climate Change Coordinator, UNEP

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