New for February 2021

The Climate Risk Landscape: Mapping Climate-related Financial Risk Assessment Methodologies provides a summary of the key developments across third party climate risk assessment providers since May 2019, including new and updated scenarios, methodological tools, key guidelines, as well as an overview of the changing regulatory landscape and potential developments into 2021.

Phase II

Phase II of the TCFD investor pilot commenced in 2021. This pilot will expand on the work in Phase I by introducing new climate risk assessment methodologies and exploring sector-specific risks and opportunities. If you are interested in participating in Phase II or would like to learn more, please contact David Carlin (

Phase I

UNEP FI together with twenty of the world’s leading asset managers and owners conducted the TCFD pilot project for investors. Participants in the pilot developed scenarios, models, metrics and, ultimately, a risk assessment tool to enable investors to assess climate risk across their portfolio. Technical partners included Carbon Delta (now MSCI) and Vivid Economics. The work conducted during the pilot was detailed in a final report for the benefit of the investment sector.

Changing Course – A comprehensive investor guide to scenario-based methods for climate risk assessment in response to the recommendations of the TCFD including case studies from participating investors.
A companion report on the methodology and results from investors with direct real estate equity exposure was also produced and can be accessed here.