Webinar: Dialogue about EU Taxonomy and its impacts for LAC (Portuguese)

24 September 2020

The objective of this webinar is to have a broad view of the taxonomy of the European Union and to discuss its impacts for banks, investors and the financial system of Latin America in general.
How can European taxonomy combat much-talked about greenwashing?
How will Latin American banks and managers offering ESG products affect European investors?
What paths does Latin America have to move towards harmonized taxonomy?


Maria Eugenia Sosa Taborda, Regional Coordinator for LAC on UNEP-FI

Luzia Hirata, Sustainability Expert on  Santander Asset Management no Brasil

Rafael Castro, Executive Manager on  Previ

Leisa Souza, Agriculture Program Coordinator on Climate Bonds Initiative

Moderator:  Marcelo Seraphim – Head  UNPRI Brasil