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2017 Investment Committee Election

This Voting Form is to be used by signatory members to submit their vote for each of the contested Investment Committee positions.
Please submit this voting form by 17.00 (CET) 5 December 2017 

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Each member institution will have one vote for each position. The candidate with the most votes will take the position. For positions that have received only one self-nomination, self-nominees will be appointed on a no-objection basis.

When voting, kindly remember that the whole Investment Committee should be balanced gender and geographic wise.

Current Status – Investment Committee

Ad-interim Chair: Tatiana Bosteels, Hermes Investment Management

Position Attribution Region 2018 2019 2020 2021
1 Climate Change Europe Open(1st term) – PLEASE VOTE
2 Ecosystems & Biodiversity Asia Pacific/North America Open (1st term)
3 Social and Human Rights North America Julie Gorte, Pax World/Impax AM (1st term)
4 Property Working Group Asia Pacific/North America Open (1st term) – PLEASE VOTE
5 Positive Impact Finance Europe Herve Guez, Mirova (2nd term)
6 Property Working Group Europe Tatiana Bosteels, Hermes (2nd term) Open (1st term)
7 Open Europe Roland Rott, Inflection Point (2nd term)
8 Open North America Stu Dalheim, Calvert (2nd term)


Position 1: Climate Change & Europe


Position 4: Property Working Group & North America or Asia Pacific