Company Profile 

Apex reinsurance brokers has its head office in Jordan with established offices in Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia with other offices in the pipeline. The company works with over 40 insurance and reinsurance companies in Africa which is a key focus for our business expansion. The company has prioritises support and assistance to its clients in the region to address social governance and economic challenges.

The company offers reinsurance services and consultancy. It additionally assists companies set up reinsurance programs fit for the size of risks they underwrite and also offer risk management services. At the center of insurance operations, is risk management and risk transfer.

Sustainability Agenda 

The company takes the ESG changes to heart and wants to be part of the change and bring onboard its clients to drive this policy. It hopes to corporate with the signatory members to effect change that would lead to sustainable insurance practices.

APEX Reinsurance Brokers and Consultancy operates in Middle East countries, on the African continent, in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.