Institutional Profile

The purpose of the Banco Nacional de Fomento (BNP) is to promote the economic and social development of the country, providing financial services within the modalities set forth in the General Law of Banks, Financial Institutions and other Credit Institutions, in order to promote the social development of the most vulnerable sectors and prioritizing projects to promote agriculture, livestock, forestry, industry and trade in materials and products originating in the country.


As a National Bank, BNP brings themselves closer to the people, to the clients to whom the activity is directed with a view to contributing to the progress of families and companies, which constitutes a sustainability strategy and which is synthesized in our vision (“Being the Leading national bank, recognized for its relevant management promoting the socio – economic development of Paraguay “). The strategic guidelines, in which the initiatives, objectives and institutional goals are framed, are synthesized in their role as Public Banking for the financing of priority projects, within a policy of investment status, the bancarization of unattended segments, satisfaction of the clients through the quality of the services rendered, which inevitably lead to better management and economic results.

Their strategic objectives operate as a guide, instructing the different operational areas to include sustainability issues in their decision-making process, such as technological modernization and human talent training. In addition to implementing competitive products in more favorable financial conditions for the productive sectors, they work to adjust their operations, mitigate risks, identify competitive differentials and generate income in a context of greater demand for managing environmental and social impacts, with the aim of achieving Sustainability of the Institution.