Bank of Taizhou Ltd


Asia Pacific

Date joined:1 November, 2013

Company Profile

Bank of Taizhou (TZB), which was founded in 1988, now has 1.8 billion RMB registered capital. It is a city commercial bank that focuses on providing financial services for small and micro enterprises (MSE). In the past 25 years, it always held on to the market orientation of serving MSE. Through applying the “community bank” mode the bank aims to build long term relationships with clients. The banks service motto is “simple, convenient and quick”. The credit technology is based on individual client visits, “seeing is believing” and in the unreliable legal environment on compiling reliable financial statements for the client. Cross checking is a key aspect of the risk assessment technique. “Looking at original receipts instead of just formal statements; looking at the clients skill instead of the collateral; looking at social background instead of only the company situation”.
As of August 2013, TZB in total has 117 outlets, including 5 branches in Zhoushan, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jinhua, and 57 sub-branches, 13 MSE specialized sub-branches. TZB founded 7 village banks at Sanmen, Zhejiang province; Futian, Shenzhen; Ganzhou, Jiangxi; Shunyi, Beijing; Yubei, Chongqing; Qianjiang, Chongqing. These in total have 35 sub-branches under them. By the end of 2012, the whole bank (including the village banks) had close to 5200 employees, total assets of 70,199 billion RMB, total deposits of 57.913 billion RMB and a total loan portfolio of 43.914 billion RMB. The non performance loan ratio was 0.38%. TZB is the only financial institution that consecutively won 4 times the “Advanced corporation that provides financial service for MSE” Award from the China Banking Regulatory Commission, It also won “Best Chinese middle and small enterprise service bank”, and “Chinese brand competitiveness bank” awards. TZB is counted by Zhejiang province as key enterprise in the service industry, and as a Zhejiang famous service brand.

Bank of Taizhou and CSR

Bank of Taizhou (TZB) always keeps its distinguished feature of supporting small and micro enterprise (MSE) development and of innovating deposit and loan products, to help MSE to solve the difficulty of getting a loan. It innovated the “green energy efficiency loan”, to support micro and small enterprises to reform and upgrade; In 2011 TZB founded a poverty alleviation fund for poor people who want to start a business.
Among all the loans that were disbursed to new clients in 2012, 80% of them were disbursed to MSE. That year the bank disbursed 60 billion RMB loans to MSE and supported close to 100.000 enterprises. Through this the bank helped more than 400.000 people, most of them farmers who lost land, workers from other cities and people who lost their job in state owned enterprises. .
Looking at the difficulties that MSE have to face, TZB launched a programme to improve pricing transparency and reduce fees related to banking services. For all main operations TZB charges no fees or commissions. To help small farmers and MSE to reduce their cost of financial services. In 2012, the bank organized more than 600 public activities on topics of “bringing financial knowledge to the villages “, “caring for aged farmers”, and “environmental protection”, living up to the ambition on social and environmental responsibility as stated in TZBs mission statement.


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