CDG Capital


Africa & Middle East

Date joined:19 December, 2018

Company Profile

CDG Capital is a major national financial institution from the Kingdom of Morocco, 100% owned by Groupe Caisse de Dépôt et de Gestion (CDG), the leading institutional investor in the country. Its mission is to be a responsible corporate and investment bank serving the Moroccan economy and playing a major role in maturing the financial markets. Since its creation in 2006, CDG Capital has been structuring financial transactions and providing financing in equity, loans and guarantees, for public and private project developers in different sectors such as power generation and distribution, port infrastructure, water supply infrastructure, real estate, rail, highways, telecommunications, services and industry.

Sustainable Agenda

Convinced that sustainable development is a source of innovation and performance, CDG Capital set up a management unit in 2017 to fully carry out its roadmap. Indeed, CDG Capital took part in the framework of the COP22 scientific committee, in the elaboration of the roadmap for the alignment of the Moroccan financial sector with the issues of sustainable development. In addition, CDG Capital obtained in June 2017 the accreditation of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) enabling it to mobilize international resources for the implementation of climate finance.

According to its sustainability strategy, its constantly dedicated to financing climate projects in Morocco, leveraging the opportunities offered by the GCF; disseminating sustainable development tools in the banking business, including the introduction of environmental and social procedures / gender approach in the life cycle of a project and the reinforcement of employees’ capacities on this theme. The bank works on integrating CSR in its governance and taking into account the societal and environmental concerns of its stakeholders. It supports improving the bank’s national and international visibility on sustainable development, through active participation in coalitions, composed of leading financial actors committed to climate change (IDFC / Mainstreaming).

Morocco has a set of sectoral plans to ensure strong economic growth and wealth creation. At the same time, it put together an ambitious National Strategy for Sustainable Development. As the financial arm of CDG group, the 1st institutional investor in the country, CDG Capital is committed to supporting the achievement of these programmes/strategies through financing public and private partners to support, on all key stages and throughout the investment cycle, large-scale, innovative and structuring projects for the national economy. By joining UNEP-FI, CDG Capital is willing to ensure it has the tools and processes to align its business strategy with society’s goals (SDGs). CDG Capital is willing to share its experience and benefit from best practices. It will also contribute to the implementation/testing of new business models.

Sustainability Report 2017