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Date joined:19 October, 2011

Company Profile
Established in 1994, China Development Bank improves national wealth and people’s livelihood as its mission and serves China’s national strategies through long-term credit, investment and other financial operations. CDB uses financing to facilitate market building and prior planning, support the development of public utilities, basic and pillar industries as well as the emerging sectors of strategic significance, promote the coordinated development of all regions, boost urbanization, ease economic bottlenecks by supporting smaller enterprises, farmers, agriculture, rural development, education, low-income housing, medical care and environment protection, back China’s “going-global” strategy and actively explore the international market.
CDB has been seeking to promote economic and social development through market forces, and striving to maintain its development vitality, innovative capacity and leading market performances. In the end of 2010, CDB’s total assets exceeded five trillion yuan, while its non-performing loan ratio stood at only 0.68 percent, marking the 23th quarter in a row to have kept the ratio below one percent. The bank’s full year net profit totaled 35.3 billion yuan.
China Development Bank and CSR
CDB is a member of the UN Global Compact LEAD and an active advocator and practitioner of corporate social responsibility. CDB sticks to the practice of incorporating social responsibility into development strategies and day-to-day operations. The social responsibility concept has penetrated through the process of planning, appraisal, credit management and risk control, and functioned as the launch pad for business innovations, so that our bank can unify its dual goals in social responsibility and commercial values.
Oriented toward sustainable financing, CDB has strengthened environmental and social risk management and vigorously expanded the green financial services to support environmental protection and the combat against climate change.


China Development Bank

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