Congressional Bank

North America

Date joined:15 September, 2021
Initiatives:Principles for Responsible Banking

Congressional Bank (“Congressional” or the “Bank”) is an FDIC member bank headquartered in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Congressional serves the Washington, D.C. metro region from its network of branches in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. In addition to its local Community Lending footprint, its Healthcare, Specialty Lending, Leveraged Lending, Technology-Enabled and Sustainable Finance divisions provide nationwide lending products including customized real estate loans and lines of credit. The Bank’s subsidiary, Alliance Partners, is the asset manager for BancAlliance, a network of over 280 community banks across the United States.

Congressional Bank’s Commitment to Sustainability:
Responsible environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices are central to the Bank’s commitment to all of their stakeholders. Congressional Bank is committed to embedding sustainability in the foundation of the Bank’s business and Congressional believes high standard ESG practices are entirely aligned with creating long term value. In Congressional’s judgment, companies that successfully integrate best-in-class ESG practices and drive top-tier financial performance will thrive, positioning them to make the biggest impact on advancing multi-stakeholder capitalism. This is the Bank’s goal. By embedding ESG practices into the Congressional’s mission, across the Bank’s operations, and as part of the Bank’s loan selection and capital allocation process, Congressional is reimagining how a financially successful bank should operate in a changing world. The Bank doesn’t pretend, however, to have all the answers. The goal of Congressional Bank is one of consequence, but their insight as to the road ahead is only partial. The Bank must be self-aware and engage in continual learning, re-evaluation, and adaptation.