Corporacion Financiera Nacional

Latin America & Caribbean

Date joined:15 June, 2012

Company Profile

Corporación Financiera Nacional B.P. (CFN B.P.) is a development bank in Ecuador, which has become the executory arm of productive reactivation policies of the government, supporting the 14 prioritized productive sectors.

CFN B.P. consolidated as a bank with multiple services in a process that begun in 2005 and was strengthened by the current government. CFN B.P. directs its activities to promote economic and social development of Ecuador. Through the provision of financial products and non-financial services, the institution promotes the creation and growth of businesses, job generation, innovation and technological improvement, generation of added value and democratization of credit, thus reaching markets that have been neglected by traditional banks.

Corporación Financiera Nacional B.P. & Sustainability

CFN B.P. has incorporated into its role of a development bank, the concept of sustainability, which refers to the implementation of an environmental management system . In turn, the first steps are the incorporation of environmental and social risk management system called “SARAS” and “Punto Verde” methodology. The goal is to achieve a balance between economic and environmental criteria so their efforts promote it reduction and preservation.
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