Latin America & Caribbean

Date joined:10 May, 2012

Company Profile

FINDETER which stands for Financial Corporation for the Territorial Development S.A (Financiera del Desarrollo Territorial S.A.) was founded in 1989, through the 57 Supreme Decree. According to the Supreme Decree 4167 of 2011, Findeter becomes a mixed economy Corporation, established with the participation of public and private entities, with Legal Status, autonomous administration and independent capital, linked to the Hacienda and Public Credit Ministry.

FINDETER & Sustainability

FINDETER is a Rediscount Banking Corporation, created by the National Government in order to finance investment initiatives which will contribute to the development of the community and promote the progress of the Country.

Following the vision established for 2015, in terms of “being the development bank for the country’s infrastructure”, Findeter has been developing programs and projects in order to support sustainable development.

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