HSH Nordbank AG




Date joined:23 June, 1995

Twin headquarters at:
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz 50
20095 Hamburg
Company Profile
HSH Nordbank is a strong commercial bank in its core region of Northern Europe. We are deeply rooted in our home market of Hamburg/ Schleswig-Holstein and market leader in the corporate customer segment. To our customers we offer an innovative range of products and services coupled with individual advice in all business areas, including Private Banking.
We operate at global level in selected growth markets. Our main focus is on shipping, transportation, real estate and renewable energy. We are the world’s biggest provider of ship finance and a leading provider of financial services in the transportation sector. HSH Nordbank is one of Germany’s top three banks for real estate and is gaining international recognition as a number one address in the key metropolitan regions of Europe and the USA. We are represented in 20 foreign locations in Europe, Asia and America including the key international financial centers of New York, London and Luxembourg.
As an acknowledged partner in the international capital markets, we operate with specialist know-how in the handling of complex transactions and innovative capital market products. In addition we act as a professional risk manager for our customers.
Established on June 2, 2003, HSH Nordbank AG is the result of the merger between Hamburgische Landesbank and Landesbank Schleswig-Holstein (LB Kiel). As of December 31, 2007 HSH Nordbank with its twin headquarters in Hamburg and Kiel has total assets of some EUR 205 billion and some 4,750 employees.
HSH Nordbank & CSR
HSH Nordbank AG committed itself to corporate and social responsibility at an early stage, not at least due to its roots as “Landesbank” focused primarily on financing infrastructure and business in its home region. We endorsed the UNEP FI initiative in 1995 and are promoting sustainable development considering environmental, ethical, social and ecological aspects in our business operations.
Our corporate citizenship covers the following areas:
o Commitment to climate protection (prevention of CO2-emissions, backing replanting of forest and renaturation of lowland moors, reducing energy, water and paper consumption )
o Thrifty dealing with natural resources
o Unifying aspects of environmental requirements with economical demands and ethical as well as social behaviour being reflected in our business activities (lending policy, project finance for wind parks, renewable energy)
o Fostering diversity at the workplace (flexible working opportunities, childcare program, equal opportunity policy, code of conduct)
o Sponsorship of science, sports, arts, culture
o Partnerships with economic and ecological organisations
Social responsibility is an integrated part of HSH Nordbank`s corporate culture and thus omnipresent in our daily business creating values for all our stakeholders.
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