Hyundai Marine and Fire Insurance Co. Ltd.


South Korea
Asia Pacific

Date joined:12 December, 1995

Company Profile

Hyundai Insurance was established in 1955 as the first domestic company to be wholly designated to marine insurance. The company was a large scale non-life insurance company that did its best to provide its customers with prompt insurance services with care. In 2006, despite the swift changing external environment, Hyundai Insurance tried to improve the corporate value through steady sales growth, through elaborate risk management, improved business cost execution efficiency and creation of stable asset management performances. Also, in 2007 Hyundai Insurance developed competitive products to satisfy customers, and expanded new operations through selection-andconcentration-based efficient usage of available resources, and laid the foundation to leap into a global financial group.

Organization & Subsidiaries

The headquarters consists of 3 rooms, 47 departments, 1 center, 2 team, and 2 TFTs. Around the nation, there are 8 district divisions, 52branch offices, 301 business offices, and 37 customer service counters. Also, 146 claims service center/claims teams have been secured. For overseas establishments, there are the Japan Branch Office (over 100 agents in Tokyo, Osaka, etc.), the U.S. Branch Office and Investment Company, the UK London Representative Office and the Lloyd’s Local Corporation, Ho Chi Minh Representative Office, Beijing China Representative Office, and the Hyundai Insurance (China) Co., Ltd. (March 2007).

Hyundai Insurance and Sustainability

Based on our highest value of customer satisfaction, Hyundai Insurance’s management philosophy is to become a business that fulfills its social responsibilities to its interested parties and to the nation. Hence, under such a philosophy Hyundai Insurance is promoting a balanced development with regards to economic, social, and environmental responsibilities.

Management Vision and Strategy

“Vision Hi 2010” embodies the status and confidence of Hyundai Insurance, the top Korean insurance company that can take the lead evenin a competition with foreign companies by providing best services, securing stable profit structure, and setting up a creative and liberalmanagement system. Through customer satisfaction, capital stability, human resource development, Hyundai Insurance will try to become the most competitive insurance company in Korea.


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