KB Insurance

South Korea
Asia Pacific


Date joined:13 April, 2022
Subsidiary of:KB Financial Group Inc.
Initiatives:Principles for Sustainable Insurance

Company Overview

Originally founded as Bumhan Marin Insurance in 1959, KB Insurance has evolved to become one of nation’s leading insurance companies. They rebranded as KB Insurance following acquisition by KB Financial Group in 2015 becoming the first non-life insurer to be part of local financial group.
KB Insurance offers broad range of insurance products including long-term insurance, auto insurance, and marine and fire insurance, serving clients through 250 local sales branches and 47 claim service centers. KB Insurance also provides innovative solutions in investments and loans contributing to enhancing values for their shareholders and clients. KB Insurance is expanding their global outreach operating overseas branches and offices in the US, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.
As a leading insurer, KB Insurance is committed to fulfilling their social responsibility to their stakeholders and communities advancing shared values and creating prosperous society.

KB Insurance has a strong initiative to support the global effort towards climate change. KB Insurance is in compliance with PSI principles to preserve the world’s natural resources and promote environmentalism. KB Insurance strives to uphold eco-friendly strategies, internalize responsible management for society, and exercise transparent corporate governance. KB Insurance’s goal is to maintain global leadership in ESG Management with a mission to secure “World Changing Finance”.