Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.


Asia Pacific


Date joined:15 August, 2006

Company Profile

Inaugurated in January 2003, Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. (MHFG) is one of the major Japanese financial groups with $1,271 billion in assets as of March 31, 2006. MHFG serves as the financial holdings company for its group companies that provides comprehensive financial services, including banking, securities, trust and asset management.

In April 2005, MHFG has implemented new business strategy, the “Channel to Discovery” Plan, which shifts to a new business structure constituent of three Global Groups on which “customer needs” is placed as a key concept. The Group Mizuho is building a new business model by maximizing the advantage of each of the three groups.



Along with the “Channel to Discovery” Plan, MHFG has reinforced its commitment to CSR activities, being aware of its mission to contribute to the development of the economy through active social participation. In particular, MHFG positions CSR activities as one of the pillars of our group business strategy, in order to create a new corporate value and hence achieve sustainable growth.

The four key areas of our commitment are Involvement in Environmental Awareness, Supporting Financial Education, Enhancement of Corporate Governance and Highly Responsive Communication.

Regarding Involvement in Environmental Awareness, by recognizing the immediate importance of curbing and alleviating environmental impact as a globally shared challenge, we are seeking to provide financial services that are in line with environmental preservation policies, such as measures to prevent global warming, while at the same time reducing our own consumption resources.

Working to bring grater specificity to CSR activities, MHFG has established a CSR committee with responsibility for cross-organizational discussions and coordination in connection with basic approaches and measures related to CSR, and in September 2005, drew up a basic CSR policy. The CSR Promotion Office of MHFG strengthens coordinated group-wide efforts, while further advancing the efforts that individual group companies have made to date.


Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

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