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Date joined:18 August, 2010

Company Profile

As a national joint stock commercial bank headquartered in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Development Bank (SDB) is the first public listed bank in the People’s Republic of China, and got listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 1987. SDB built its comprehensive strength and expanded dramatically these years, with 302 outlets in 20 leading cities, and 2 representative offices in Hong Kong and Beijing.
SDB is in the leading position in trade financing, with its “SME-oriented and Trade Financing-oriented” development strategy. The bank took the initiative in launching “supply chain financing”, which is featured by a “1+N”model, providing financing support to the upper-stream and downstream SMEs of a core enterprise.
As of the end of 2009, total assets attained to 587 bn Yuan, with a net profit of over 5 bn Yuan for full year 2009.

Shenzhen Development Bank and Sustainability

SDB is fully aware of the importance of environmental protection, and did great efforts in promoting green consumption, to avoid resource depletion and cultivate green customer consumption habit. It strictly follows the State’s environment protection policy to develop Green Financial Service. It also designed relevant benchmark and procedure in market entry, customer selection and risk management. to involve environment factor into facility approval process gradually, and incorporate environmental risk management into overall risk management system, to achieve the objective of environmental protection.
In 2007, in order to support China South Polar research and environmental protection, SDB sponsored series of TV program by SZTV on “Expedition to the Summit of Antarctic”, for the protection of valuable natural resources in Antarctic. Meanwhile, in order to facilitate better financial service in energy saving and environment protection, SDB issued the first guideline in banking industry – SDB Guidelines for Credit Policy on Energy Saving and Emissions Reduction, which limited facility to enterprises in high energy consumption, high pollution and low energy efficiency, offered facility support to energy saving and emission reduction enterprises.
In 2009, SDB launched the first eco-friendly theme card – SDB Green Card, with concepts of eco-friendly and green consumption. The card is made by PETG – the most advanced material, can be biodegraded into water and carbon dioxide, to avoid white pollution. As a featured service, it also provides e-bill to eco-friendly customers. In addition, the card holder of Green Card can use consumption gift points to exchange trees in the Green Parks in BJ, SH, SZ, GZ and HZ, to offset or reduce carbon emission.
In June 2009, SDB signed Green Finance Agreement with Shenzhen Environmental Protection Office and launched Green Finance Service Campaign, to provide a package of financial services to enterprises with financing demand for upgrading their environmental practices and equipment. The bank supports development of eco-friendly, innovative and technical enterprises via more lending and favorable financial policies.
Since 2009, SDB has launched a series of environmental protection initiatives throughout its operations, under the theme of “Eco-friendly Office and Life”. These initiatives include limiting the usage of air-conditioning and going paperless in the workplace, utilizing remote video conference system, reforming the usage of vehicles, etc., in order to improve its energy/resource efficiency and reduce carbon emissions as the bank further expand its business operations. Through these efforts, SDB makes its staff realize that energy-saving and emission reduction are not only the obligation for SDB, but also the responsibility for each of its employees. Meanwhile, SDB delivers the concept of energy-saving and environmental protection to its clients and the general public, and makes it the code of conduct for the society.
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