Company Profile

SUDAMERIS BANK S.A.E.C.A was originally formed as Banco Paraguayo de Credito S.A on June 30, 1958. In 1978, new European shareholders joined the initial group and the bank became the Banque Sudameris, based in Paris. Since 1994, the Banca Commerciale Italiana, of renowned prestige and worldwide presence, acquired majority control of Sudameris Group. In 1999, the Banca Commerciale ltaliana (COMIT) and Intesa SpA merged into the largest banking group in Italy. In July 2004, Intesa SpA, sold its shares to Abbeyfield Financial Holdings, domiciled in Ireland, becoming the majority shareholder of the Bank, with 98,22% of the shares. The SUDAMERIS BANK works with the highest dedication to provide effective financial solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction, quality of products and services and the creation of shareholder value.

Sudameris Bank S.A.E.C.A & Sustainability

Sudameris Bank, by means of its Social and Environmental Policy, assumes the undertaking to actively contribute in the protection of the environment and compliance with corporate norms. In order to achieve institutional goals on the matter, we have developed a Social and Environmental Policy to be constituted in a valuable instrument to maximize social and environmental performance, though clients and employees, complementing our Entity´s principal activity.

For Sudameris Bank, Corporate Social Responsibility does not only mean supporting the communities where it operates, but also, managing its business in a responsible manner, with the implementation and maintenance of high ethical standards in the relations with clients, employees, investors and suppliers.

Sudameris Bank has had a principal role in the creation of the Sustainable Finances Roundtable – Paraguay, a platform seeking the promotion of sustainable finances within the country through the cooperation among financial entities and other institutions to transfer knowledge and interchange successful experiences on the matter of social and environmental management, allowing for presentation of solutions with a local and national outlook.

In order to promote a more professional social and environmental risk management, and maximize one of the country´s most important productive sectors, Sudameris Bank assumed the responsibility of developing the first Sector Guidelines for the private sector within the country and the Mercosur region, denominated “Social and Environmental Guidelines for Sustainable Financing of the Cattle ranching Sector”. The same establishes essential lines for the analysis of social and environmental risks in credits to the cattle ranching activity.

Albeit the idea of developing and implementing an assessment guideline for any one sector is a relevant challenge, we at Sudameris Bank acknowledge the importance of the incorporation of this type of tools in the comprehensive analysis of the credit portfolio, where the beneficiaries are (1) Financial entities, in analyzing their clients more thoroughly;  (2) Clients, in the possibility of receiving technical follow up and support in the managing of their productive activities, and (3) the country and its economy, who become strengthened and improved with the incorporation of business best practices and more sustainability.