UBI Banca SpA


Date joined:25 May, 2020

UBI Banca SpA is the third largest commercial banking group in Italy in stock market capitalization, with a market share of about 7%, 1,576 branches in all Italian regions except for Sicily, and about 20,000 employees. The Bank is present in eleven countries abroad (three in the EU and eight non-EU), mainly with branches and representative offices in the areas of greatest interest for Italian SMEs. It is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange and included in the FTSE/MIB index and in the sustainability indices (e.g. FTSE4Good).

UBI Banca is pursuing a strategy of sustainable growth, by meeting the demand for sound credit to support household consumption and investment while managing client’s wealth responsibly, which is in compliance with the principle of “Fare Banca per bene” (Banking fairly and well).

This principle summarizes the Group’s mission to create sustainable value for stakeholders over time combining simplicity, quality and innovation to offer products, services and excellent relations to clients, contributing to the wellbeing of the community supporting social and cultural initiatives, and cultivating individuals’ talents, passions, and commitment.

The strategy cuts across all areas of UBI Banca’s approach to banking, providing balanced response to the expectations of all stakeholders and the recommendations made by regulators, reducing risks and taking advantage of new business opportunities.

As part of the sustainability strategy under its Business Plan 2020-2022, UBI Banca is strenghtening its participation in relevant international initiatves on sustainable finance to contribute to more sound and resilient financial markets, economies and communities.