New member update: UK-based WHEB Asset Management joins Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition

London-based WHEB Asset Management is the latest investment manager to sign up to the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition.
“Asset managers and financial markets increasingly realise that tackling climate change creates quality growth opportunities whilst helping to reduce systemic risks to the global economy,” said George Latham, Managing Partner of WHEB. “By joining the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition we aim to make this trend more visible in order to accelerate change.”

WHEB recognises that working with the Coalition will help coalesce industry leadership and generate the momentum for change, which they believe will be good for their business but more importantly, create a sense of purpose for the asset management community. Eric Usher, Head of UN Environment Finance Initiative said, “the success of the coalition which now has commitments of over US$600bn, and the increasing membership, demonstrates that investors are serious about leading the transformation to a green economy.”

WHEB Asset Management manages a global equity strategy focused on investing for the long-term in high quality companies creating real social and environmental value. Their aim is to advance sustainability and create prosperity through positive impact investments.