Principles for Responsible Banking Civil Society Advisory Body
How the Body was Established in 2020

As committed to by the signatories to the Principles for Responsible Banking, UNEP FI has established the Civil Society Advisory Body in March 2021 to support and shape the effective implementation of the Principles, provide strategic advice, and ensure high ambition and transparency. The Civil Society Advisory Body is a unique forum for meaningful and constructive engagement between the community of PRB Signatory banks and wider civil society. For more information on the Body, please visit the Civil Society Advisory Body homepage.

2020 Process

Call for Applications: From 05 October to 15 December 2020 
The UNEP FI Secretariat invited eligible organizations to apply for one of the twelve positions. Over 45 leading organizations across fields and regions applied.

Public Consultation: From 01 February to 26 February 2021 
To ensure a high level of rigor and transparency for the selection process, UNEP FI organized a public consultation on the initial assessment of applicants to ensure that relevant information not duly considered could be flagged.

Final Assessment & Body Established: 16 March 2021
Following the consultation period and consideration of all inputs received, UNEP FI is publishing its final assessment and announcing the twelve Body Members.

Final Assessment

Organizations were reviewed against the published selection criteria, as detailed in the  UNEP FI Banking Governance Framework, based on the information provided in their applications. Each organization was assessed based on the profile of the Institution and Representatives, and either the Regional, Stakeholder or Thematic criteria, based on the seat. Click here to see how the assessment was run, the criteria, the evaluation questions, and their relative weight.

In order to select the final appointees of the Body, we applied a quantitative filter. The quantitative result is not an assessment of the applicants, rather how well they meet the criteria based on the information provided in their application forms. Click here to see final outcome per seat.

The public consultation phase was open for 3 weeks. The secretariat received 2 responses, which did not have a material bearing on the outcome. One organization withdrew its candidacy, recognizing that its interests were already represented by another applicant. Another question was about the non-eligibility of for-profit organizations on the body. It is clear from the framework document that only non-profit organizations are eligible for the body, to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

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