North America Roundtable Presentations

Download the presentations from the North America Roundtable here.

(EXTRANET) 09:15 UNEP FI – Opening/Benchmarking Session

(EXTRANET) 09:35 Simone Dettling – Banking Session

(EXTRANET) 10:15 Butch Bacani – Principles for Sustainable Insurance

(EXTRANET) 11:05 Sabina Timco – A Rights-Based, Inclusive Sustainable Finance Approach

(EXTRANET) 11:45 Desjardines – Positive Impact Manifesto

(EXTRANET) 12:15-Matthew Ulterino – UNEP FI Property Working Group

(EXTRANET) 12:20 PWG Energy Efficiency

(EXTRANET) 14:30 Anders Nordheim – Environmental Resilience