We invite financial institutions and organisations working towards a sustainable blue economy to join this leadership initiative and help shape the future of finance. We work to accelerate the transition towards sustainable use of the world’s ocean, seas and marine resources by developing practical actions and outputs for insurers, lenders and investors.

By joining, you will have access to a global community of practice, peer-to-peer learning, blue finance resources and knowledge base, and help shape guidance to deliver a sustainable blue ocean economy. We will help you find cutting edge new solutions, amplify success, and catalyse change, with a dissemination power at a global level.

Download the Brochure, read the Executive Summary or Contact Us to learn more.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Gain access to an international network of professionals
  • Discover best-practices across the financial landscape
  • Catalyse change, contributing to major industry reports
  • Get involved in, and influence, industry guidance
  • Access the latest science and policy developments
  • Align on common approaches and methodologies
  • Peer exchange for practical advice and capacity building
  • Leverage our dissemination power at a global level
  • Capitalise on our pool of resources
  • Use our platform to amplify your successes

How Can your Organisation Join?
There are two options for joining, with different expectations and benefits for each highlighted below.

Signatory Declaration
Sign this form at Vice-President or Board-level in order to become a Signatory to the Principles.
Membership Application
Fill out this form to apply for Membership to the initiative. All organisations are required to fill in this form, including those who wish to become a ‘Signatory and Member.'

Please return the completed form(s) to the Project Coordinator: Dennis.Fritsch@un.org
Contact Us to learn more.

1. The reporting element will be aligned with current UNEP FI reporting frameworks, designed to minimise the reporting burden for financial institutions. Early signatories and members can be involved in the development of the reporting framework.