Upcoming Events

30 August - 10 November 2021 | Virtual Events

UNEP FI Regional Roundtables on Sustainable Finance 2021

UNEP FI will host its third round of Regional Roundtables on Sustainable Finance in 2021 virtually to provide an opportunity for members and actors in the sustainable finance community to come together locally to discuss the latest trends and innovations, and share good practice.

21-30 September 2021 | Virtual Event

Sustainable Investment Forum North America 2021

The 6th annual Sustainable Investment Forum North America in partnership with UNEP-FI takes place in September 2021 alongside Climate Week NYC, with the mission to mobilise sustainable investment towards a 1.5 °C world. This year, the Forum is presented as a 4-part digital event series across 2 weeks as part of Climate Action’s Roadmap to COP26 campaign.

21-23 September 2021 | Online

Chartered Banker Annual Banking Conference 2021

The overarching theme for this year’s conference will be “responsible banking and the implementation of international standards”. It will consider among other things, how well banks are embedding the UN Principles of Responsible Banking in their organisations, how responsible banking links to the Chartered Banker Institute’s Professional Code of Conduct, and what responsible banking means for the education, training and development of bankers.

Past Events

27-28 July 2021 | Virtual capacity building workshop

Fintech for Sustainable Development

The Fintech for Sustainable Development workshop aims to raise awareness among financial institutions on the strategic role that fintech could play in addressing the financing challenges of the sustainable development agenda.

21 June - 19 July 2021 | Webinar Series

Practical Briefings on the EU Taxonomy

The EU Platform on Sustainable Finance presents the Practical Briefings on the EU Taxonomy. UNEP FI is happy to co-host this series of webinars examining the role of the Taxonomy, its implications for financial institutions and the future steps.

23 June 2021 | Virtual Event

中国低碳转型与气候信息披露研讨会 Workshop on Decarbonization and Climate Disclosure in China

English description available after the Chinese description 2021年6月23日 | 北京时间16:00-18:00  UNEP FI、中国金融学会绿色金融专业委员会、PRI和中国责任投资论坛(China SIF)将举办研讨会,探讨中国低碳转型和快速发展的气候相关金融风险披露。对金融行业利益相关方和全球监管方来说,这些披露越来越重要。随着对当前和未来气候风险的关注,气候相关财务信息披露工作组(TCFD)的指导已成为讨论和披露这些风险的重要框架。 本次研讨会将涵盖TCFD披露的良好做法,并探讨国际金融机构如何开展这些披露。此外,参会者还将了解有关低碳转型的净零/碳中和目标设定。利用央行绿色金融网络(NGFS)的参考情景(scenarios),参会者将探讨这些情景对中国的低碳转型之路意味着什么。 欢迎报名并参与我们的讨论。 报名链接 语言:英文/中文(提供同声传译) 议程(北京时间) 16:00  欢迎致辞              Eric Usher, UNEP FI负责人 16:10  国际银行业气候信息披露实践             主持人:David Carlin, UNEP FI TCFD项目负责人 16:50  了解净零银行              Sarah Kemmitt, UNEP FI…

30 June 2021 | Virtual Event

Launch: UNEP FI Investment Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool

The Investment Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool was developed to enable signatories to the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) to meet their requirements under Principle 2 on impact analysis, namely as a basis for meeting their subsequent requirements under Principle 3 on target-setting. It complements the Bank Portfolio Impact Analysis Tool which focuses on Consumer, Business, Corporate and Investment Banking.

17 June 2021 | Virtual Event

Launch: UNEP FI Real Estate Impact Analysis Tool

The Real Estate Impact Analysis Tool was developed to enable financial institutions to identify and assess the impacts associated with their real estate investments and portfolios. The purpose of such an analysis is for financial institutions to define strategies and set targets that will increase the positive impacts and decrease the negative impacts of their real estate investments and portfolios.

14-15 June 2021 | Webinar

Insurance supervisors and climate action

Co-hosted by the UN-convened SIF, UN PSI and the IAIS, this webinar will present the climate change risks and opportunities for the insurance sector and introduce the Application Paper on the Supervision of Climate-related Risks in the Insurance Sector.

26 May 2021 | Online

Aligning Financial Portfolios with Biodiversity Goals

The new, ground-breaking biodiversity module within the ENCORE tool enables financial institutions to identify risks and opportunities, in order to align their activities to a goal of no net biodiversity loss globally. Two sessions of the webinar “Aligning Financial Portfolios with Biodiversity Goals” will be held virtually on Wednesday, 26th May 2021 to introduce this…

4 May - 15 June 2021

Webinar Series: Addressing COVID-19 for the Environment

  The UN Environment Management Group (EMG), in close collaboration with UNEP, UNEP-FI, UNESCAP, UNECE, UNECA, ECLAC, ESCWA, and RCNYO, will organize a 3-part series of virtual Nexus Dialogues on Addressing COVID-19 for the Environment. The introductory dialogue Defining Green Recovery aims at pushing the needle forward to frame the rest of the series through stronger operationalization, to…

21 April 2021 | Online

COP26 & The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero

Mark Carney, the UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance – in partnership with the UK COP26 Presidency and the UN Race to Zero campaign – are launching a coordinating alliance that brings together existing and new net zero finance initiatives into one sector-wide strategic forum: The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ).

16 April 2021 | Online conference

Sustainable Financing of the Blue Economy

The European Investment Bank, WWF and the partners of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles are delighted to invite you to join an event on the margins of the 2021 virtual Spring Meetings of the World Bank Group: Sustainable Financing of the Blue Economy.