The UNEP FI Global Steering Committee provides executive direction on strategic, work programme and budgetary issues on a regular basis. The Global Steering Committee reports to UNEP FI’s Annual General Meeting, where all Members come together to make decisions on the Initiative’s overall strategic direction, structural issues and budget decisions.

For details on its mandate, please refer to section 4 of the UNEP FI Governance Framework.

2024 Global Steering Committee Members



Industry-Region Representation
  1. Europe – Banking Representative (2024-26) | Lara de Mesa, Global Head of Responsible Banking, Santander
  2. Asia Pacific – Banking Representative (2021-23) | Jeong-hoon Cho, Head of ESG division, Shinhan Financial Group
  3. Latin America – Banking Representative (2024-26) | Franco Piza, Head of Sustainability, Sustainability Area, Bancolombia
  4. All regions – Banking Representative (2024-26) | Alejandra Díaz Agudelo, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sustainability Direction, Banco Davivienda
  5. Africa – Banking Representative (2022-2024) | Judith Sidi Odhiambo, Group Head-Corporate Affairs, KCB Group
  6. Europe – Insurance Representative (2022-2024) | Vincent Damas, Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, CNP Assurances
  7. Latin America – Insurance Representative (2022-2024) | Ivani Benazzi de Andrade, Sustainability Superintendent, Bradesco Seguros
  8. Asia Pacific – Insurance Representative (2022-2024) | Chen Yao, General Manager of Branding Department, Ping An Insurance Group (China)
  9. Europe – Investment Representative (2021-2023) | Günther Thallinger, Member of the Board of Management, Allianz
  10. North America – Banking Representative (2024-26) | Michael Torrance, Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sustainability Office, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, BMO
  11. Africa – Insurance Representative and Chair (2022-24) | Patty Karuaihe-Martin, Managing Director, NamibRe
UN Environment Programme Representative
  1. UNEP Representative | Sheila Aggarwal-Khan, Director, Industry and Economy Division, UNEP
Appointed Positions
  1. Appointed Position #1 | David Atkin, Chief Executive Officer, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)
  2. Appointed Position #2 | Vacant