Take inspiration and learn from our collection of case studies, bringing you pioneering stories of sustainable approaches to ocean finance from amongst our membership.

This compilation of case studies provides practical examples of successful or challenging projects using the recommendations laid out in the Turning the Tide guidance and/or aligned with the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles.

Download Case StudyBlue Impact Bonds for Nature
HSBC and The Nature Conservancy
Blue Impact Bonds for Nature seeks to establish a replicable framework for establishing an environmental impact bond, with proceeds funding nature-based restoration activities that mitigate climate change and improve coastal livelihoods. Read more...
Download Case StudyNature Risk Pilot Reporting Framework
Storebrand Asset Management; Grieg Seafood; Norwegian Institute for Nature Research and WWF Norway
As of today, there is no standard for how to define and report on nature-related risks, and corporate disclosure on impacts and dependencies on nature is limited. Several international initiatives are trying to fill this gap. Learn with this case study about a pilot project that aims to demonstrate how a real-economy company, in the seafood industry, can start reporting in a more structured way on nature-related risks and identify areas for improvement. Read more...
Download Case StudyFinancing Nearshore Windfarm Projects
Climate Fund Managers and ST International
Read about a case study regarding two nearshore windfarm projects in receipt of blended finance funding. Climate Investor One is a blended finance facility delivering renewable energy infrastructure projects in emerging markets. One of these windfarm projects is a 48 MW wind farm with 12 wind turbines, and the other is a 78 MW wind farm with 18 turbines. Read more...
Download Case StudyPort Operations & Sail Propulsion: Neoline Development
Neoline Development, ESAFON and European Investment Bank
Based on centuries of cargo sailing experience, sea wind propulsion is at hand with the help of new technologies and digitalisation to address immediately the ticking bomb of climate change as a hybrid solution. Read more...
Download Case StudyMaking Practial Use of the Guidance in Shipping
Rockefeller Asset Management
Discover how Rockefeller Asset Management used the Guidance and Principles in shareholder engagement, addressing ship demolition, ship recycling and net-zero emissions from shipping, and contributing to succesful outcomes such as the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative and the Investor Expectations for Shipping Transition to Net Zero Emissions, published by the Sustainable Market Initiative of the Financial Services Task Force. Read more...
Download Case StudyAligning and Reporting Progress towards Sustainable Blue Finance
Hellenic Hull Management, managers of American Hellenic
Check out how a company has used the Turning the Tide guidance to align its business strategy with the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles and to become the first company producing an annual report to the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative. Read more...
Download Case StudyProviding Insect-based Alternative to Aquaculture Fishmeal: Beta Hatch Project
Discover how an investment in the fisheries industry can support both the industry and the ocean's health while aligning with the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles. Read more...

We invite all members of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Initiative to share case studies with us. If you are interested in doing so, please contact Karla Martínez Toral.

Watch our webinar to hear from financial institutions on practical actions taken towards implementing the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles and associated Turning the Tide Guidance.