The Alliance Steering Group is composed of C-suite level executives from member organisations as well as convening organisations.

Elected every two years by all asset owners, the Steering Group convenes quarterly and sets the strategic direction of the Alliance. The Chairperson of the Alliance is elected by the Steering Group members.

Current Steering Group members are noted below.


Asia-PacificAfricaNorth AmericaEuropeNon-regionalCo-convenorCo-convenor
Akiko Osawa, Nippon LifeLesley Ndlovu, African Risk CapacityCharles Émond, CDPQGünther Thallinger (Chair), Allianz SETorben Möger Petersen, PensionDanmarkEric Usher, UNEP FIDavid Atkin, PRI


The 2021 Steering Group members were the following:


Allianz SECalPERSCDCFolksamSwiss ReCDPQPensionDanmarkUNEP FIPRI
Günther Thallinger, Board member Investment ManagementAnne Simpson, Managing Investment DirectorJoel Prohin, CIOMichael Kjeller, CIOGuido Fuerer, CIOCharles Émond, CEOTorben Möger Pedersen, CEOEric Uscher, HeadFiona Reynolds, CEO