A practical guide for financial institutions to lead a sustainable ocean recovery

This seminal guidance is a market-first practical toolkit for financial institutions to pivot their activities towards financing a sustainable blue economy.

Designed for banks, insurers and investors, the guidance outlines how to avoid and mitigate environmental and social risks and impacts, as well as highlighting opportunities, when providing capital to companies or projects within the blue economy. 

The guidance leverages best practice based on input fromover 50 pioneering institutions and experts. It supports the implementation of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles, which are a keystone in the market for financing a sustainable blue economy. The Guidance is a follow-up to the Rising Tide report, which maps the ocean finance space and provides an entry point for financial institutions.

Accompanying the guidance is a set of easy-to-follow recommendations on how to approach financial activity in ocean sectors, allowing financial decision-makers to take immediate action. Combined, the guidance and recommendations provide a road map with a detailed breakdown of which client activities to seek out as best practice, which activities to challenge, and which activities to avoid completely due to their damaging nature.

Executive summary in English | French | German | Chinese.

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Sector-by-sector approach

Five key ocean sectors are explored in the report, chosen for their established connection with private finance: seafood, shipping, ports, coastal and marine tourism and marine renewable energy, notably offshore wind. Download the chapter you are interested in below:

Seafood  Shipping  Ports  Coastal and marine tourism  Marine renewable energy

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