This science-based, actionable toolkit aims to help banks, insurers and investors align decision-making with a healthy ocean and a sustainable blue economy.

The Diving Deep Guidance helps you break the pollution cycle, including plastics and other solid waste, and manage the impacts of coastal infrastructure projects such as seawalls, while exploring the potential of nature-based solutions including mangroves and reefs. The guidance features inspirational images by world-renowned wildlife photographer and conservationist, Cristina Mittermeier, bringing to life the beauty and fragility of the marine ecosystem.

Accompanying the guidance is a set of easy-to-follow recommendations on how to approach financial activity in the two ocean-linked sectors covered in the report, allowing financial decision-makers to take immediate action. Combined, the guidance and recommendations provide a road map with a detailed breakdown of which client activities to seek out as best practice, which activities to challenge, and which activities to avoid completely due to their damaging nature. 

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The guidance leverages best practice based on input from over 70 pioneering institutions and experts. It supports the implementation of the Sustainable Blue Economy Finance Principles, which are a keystone in the market for financing a sustainable blue economy.

Sector-by-sector approach

Two key ocean sectors are explored in the report, chosen for their established connection with private finance: coastal resilience (infrastructure and nature-based solutions), and waste prevention and management.

Coastal resilience: Infrastructure and nature-based solutions  Waste prevention and management  


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