The UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative (‘PSI Initiative’) was created to promote the adoption and implementation of the Principles globally. The PSI Initiative is administered by and set within the overall governance framework of UNEP FI, a global initiative involving UNEP and financial institutions (e.g. insurance companies, investment firms, banks).


The PSI Initiative is governed by a Board made up of representatives from PSI signatory companies and UNEP.

UNEP Representative

  • Eric Usher, Head, UNEP Finance Initiative (Switzerland)


  • Andreas Spiegel, Head, Group Sustainability Risk & Director, Group Risk Management, Swiss Re (Switzerland)
  • James Wallace, Lead – Insurance Environmental, Social and Governance integration, Sustainable Solutions and Ratings, Allianz (Germany)
  • Lucia Rueckner, Senior Corporate Responsibility Consultant, Munich Re (Germany)
  • Vanessa Otto-Mentz, Head, Group Strategy, Santam (South Africa)
  • Julie Batch, Chief Customer Officer, Insurance Australia Group (Australia)
  • Alice Steenland, Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, AXA Group (France)
  • Manoj Parsan, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, FATUM (Suriname)
  • Mazdak Moini, Vice President, Commercial Lines & Reinsurance, Aviva (Canada)
  • Rodolfo Ern, Superintendent, Institutional Relations, Bradesco Seguros (Brazil)
  • Cassim Hansa, Managing Director – Botswana, Continental Re (Botswana)
  • Fatima Lima, Director, Marketing & Sustainability, Grupo Segurador Banco do Brasil e MAPFRE (Brazil)
  • Augusto Hidalgo, Chief Executive Officer, National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines (Philippines)
  • Eckart Roth, Chief Risk Officer, Peak Re (China)
  • Tomas Carmona, Superintendent, Corporate Sustainability, SulAmérica (Brazil)


The daily affairs of the UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative are led by its Secretariat at UNEP FI in Geneva, Switzerland.

Butch Bacani
Programme Leader
UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative
T: +41 22 917 8777

Olivia Fabry
Programme Supervisor
UNEP FI Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative
T: +41 22 917 8887

Sally Wootton
Communications Leader
T: +41 22 917 8591

Lydia Beaujois
T: +41-22-917 8228

Richard Hansen
UNEP FI Information Technologist