Be part of changing finance and financing change.

The world of finance is rapidly changing to meet the demands of our changing world. The role of sustainable finance in aligning business with sustainable development is currently being redefined.

UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) members are helping to catalyse new ways of doing finance.

Join us to be part of market-leading innovation and upgrade ways of doing finance for the future.

Why join the UNEP Finance Initiative community?

UNEP FI has a unique capacity to convene decision-makers across banking, insurance and investment alongside public interest groups. Effective multi-stakeholder engagement and industry action is essential to grow sustainable financial markets that support a stable economy, environment and society in the long-term.

Leading financial institutions are exploring new ways to position financial products and services towards a low-carbon, sustainable economy. This means developing green business lines, as well as mitigating risks during the transition to cleaner production and consumption.

Membership has proven invaluable to hundreds of Signatories since 1992, with many contributing to a work programme to shape the global sustainable finance agenda. We are developing practical approaches to understanding and addressing environmental, social and governance impacts of financial products and services across organisations.

The UNEP FI Secretariat is working with its members to innovate and spur transformation of the financial sector. Our network helps financial institutions keep abreast of the latest trends, tools, policies and practices to address challenges and develop opportunities for resilient growth. Members can access:

  • Industry and thematic working groups to develop guidance, exchange best practice and stay on top of issues that matter to stakeholders.
  • Ground-breaking research, insight into issues on the horizon, implementation tools and capacity-building.
  • An international network of financial institutions with peer-to-peer learning and knowledge sharing across regional hubs.

Show leadership at a global level by endorsing UNEP FI members’ Statement of Commitment by Financial Institutions on Sustainable Development.