UNEP FI is a membership initiative working with the financial sector to advance an ambitious sustainable finance agenda. We have played a leading role in establishing several industry-specific frameworks that are collectively redefining the global financial sector’s approach to integrating sustainability into decision-making and establishing industry norms across banking, insurance and investment. We convene a community of finance professionals to equip banks and insurers with the tools, methodologies and expertise to implement sustainability frameworks in their organisations, and in doing so, to align private finance with society’s goals. Our UN network provides access to leading-edge science and insights into policy and regulatory responses to issues on the horizon.

UNEP FI also holds agenda-setting Global and Regional Roundtables and consultations to bring together financial institutions and other stakeholders to build momentum, deepen industry engagement and accountability on sustainability, drive change across banking, insurance and investment, and provide clear signals to policymakers on the enabling environment needed to align finance with sustainable development goals.


Benefits to members

UNEP FI works with its members – banks and insurers – along with key stakeholders to help to transform the role of financial institutions in contributing to the transition to a sustainable economy. We help the finance industry contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and align financing with the Paris Climate Agreement.  The benefits of membership are largely commensurate with an institution’s level of engagement with the UNEP FI governance, work programme and community.

Members have opportunities to:

  • Participate in a rich work programme to enhance market practice in sustainable finance and learn about emerging approaches across banking, insurance and investment.
  • Join industry and thematic working groups and collaborative projects to develop guidance on integrating sustainability.
  • Co-develop or benefit from practical resources to identify and address environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in core business lines.
  • Deepen expertise in topics such as nature and climate-related risk management, circular economy finance, realigning portfolios for the low-carbon transition, and emerging sustainable finance policies and regulations such as taxonomies to classify sustainable economic activities and inform strategies.
  • Access ground-breaking research and learn how to embed impact assessment and science-based scenarios in target-setting.
  • Engage in our network to exchange good practice across banking, insurance and investment peers and stay on top of issues that matter to clients, stakeholders.
  • Participate in structured peer learning, knowledge sharing and capacity building activities.
  • Join ambitious coalitions to scale up the financial sector’s contribution to implementing UN-led agreements to protect society and our planet, not least the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Paris Agreement on Climate Change and Global Biodiversity Framework.
  • Gain preferential access to UNEP FI training and sustainable finance events that showcase leadership across the finance sector.
  • Join regional activities to explore topics and exchange with peers most relevant to the geographical context in which your business operates.
  • Gain early access to learning outcomes by participating in consultations or webinars prior to launches.
  • Join Annual General Meetings to explore industry developments with UNEP FI’s Global Steering Committee and Secretariat.

Join us to be part of leadership in sustainable finance and a global community working to upgrade ways of doing finance for an inclusive, resilient future.


Additional benefits

The UNEP FI Secretariat helps members to implement the Principles for Responsible Banking, Principles for Sustainable Insurance and other commitments to align their businesses with sustainability objectives. We cultivate shared learning and co-develop practical resources to equip financial institutions with the knowledge and expertise to embed sustainability into their strategies and operations.

  • Learn how to implement the Principles for Responsible Banking and position your bank at the forefront of sustainability in the industry
  • Stay at the forefront of banking industry approaches to identify portfolio impacts, set targets to align with society’s goals, and report on progress.
  • Participate in peer learning on ways to implement the Principles through governance, strategy, structure, culture, and operations.
  • Gain access to workshops, webinars, capacity building workshops, technical assistance and tool development to help fast-track sustainability
  • Gain insights into your performance relative to sector peers through individual reviews
  • Join working groups to contribute to industry guidance, tools and collective action deliver on strategic priorities.
  • Join a community to forge new pathways and enhance good practice in the industry.

  • Learn how to implement the Principles for Sustainable Insurance, including integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into core insurance business to understand, manage and carry risk.
  • Help shape sustainable insurance market practice in non-life and life & health underwriting business.
  • Participate in industry leadership and shared learning with peers forging the sustainable insurance agenda with the UN.
  • Learn science-based approaches to managing climate risks and aligning portfolios with the UN Paris Climate Agreement
  • Learn how to assess and address nature-related risks and opportunities and pollution liabilities.
  • Identify opportunities to facilitate the transition to a circular economy and close the protection gap and enhance the resilience of clients & customers.


Asset managers and owners are encouraged to sign up to the Principles for Responsible Investment.

How to join

Contact us to join our community to access learning across the banking, insurance and investment industries, as well as insights from key stakeholders informing policy and industry developments. Explore approaches to take forward-looking action, and address sustainability challenges with industry peers through our UN-convened network.

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