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Our sustainable finance training services are part of our effort to fulfill the mission of UNEP FI to “identify, promote, and realise the adoption of best environmental and sustainability practice at all levels of financial institution operations”.

The primary aim of these services is to raise awareness and to build capacity in sustainable finance amongst UNEP FI Signatories and other financial institutions, as well as relevant stakeholders in governments, NGOs and academia, especially in developing countries and emerging markets.

Training Products

UNEP FI has a range of training offerings, both online and in a workshop format, covering several themes.

  • Environmental & Social Risk Analysis (ESRA) Training Programme
  • Corporate Ecoefficiency in Financial Institutions (CEFI) Online Course
  • Climate Change: Risks and Opportunities for the Finance Sector Online Course
  • Green Bonds Training Programme
  • Responsible Investment Training Programme
  • Sustainable Finance Training Programme
  • Sustainable Finance for Cooperatives of Saving & Credit Training Programme
  • University Diploma in Sustainable Finance
  • Cómo los bancos incorporan el cambio climático en su gestión de riesgos

    This report aims to present the survey results of “How the Banks of Latin America and the Caribbean (in Spanish, ALC) incorporate climate change in their risk management,” which aligns with the first global initiative exploring what regional banks are doing to integrate dimensions of climate change in their strategy and management.