The financial sector is facing unprecedented challenges, demanding new ways to manage risk. An increasingly complex terrain of interlinked sustainability risks related to climate change, the degradation of nature and social issues is just one of those challenges that require financial institutions to develop new expertise and skills. UNEP FI’s Risk Centre provides UNEP FI members with the solutions they need to tackle these new risks in an integrated fashion, helping them significantly enhance their institution’s capabilities for risk assessment and disclosure and providing opportunities to engage with experts, regulators and peers on risk-related topics.

Tailored for financial risk professionals, this comprehensive hub builds on UNEP FI’s well-respected and long-running climate and nature risk programmes. The Centre offers a wide range of centralised resources to help members assess and find the opportunities in climate and nature risk through technical skill-building workshops, working groups that develop cutting-edge risk management tools and guidance, and sessions with leading external experts, regulators, modellers and data providers. This unique offering is complemented by access to an extensive library of publications, tools, and resources that will also support UNEP FI members as they operationalise the industry sustainability frameworks, the Principles for Responsible Banking and Principles for Sustainable Insurance. Access to most of these resources is included in the annual membership fee and available exclusively to UNEP FI members.


What does the Risk Centre offer to UNEP FI’s members?

These groups address a range of topics, with the objective of producing tangible outcomes such as new tools and guidance in emerging areas of risk. Working groups typically operate for 3 to 12 months, allowing for in-depth exploration of topics such as scenarios and stress testing methodologies, risk assessment and tool development, combatting legal risks and implementing good practices for risk disclosures. These are suitable for members wishing to deep dive into sustainability risk and gain first-mover advantages and build highly technical expertise.

This programme will assist financial institutions in enhancing their capabilities for risk assessment and disclosure and enabling them to apply them to their internal practices in areas such as evaluating and using customer transition plans and benchmarking credit risk methodologies. These workshops are suitable for mid-level risk management professionals.

Monthly webinars offer UNEP FI members the opportunity to interact with central banks, supervisors, academics, industry experts, modellers, and peers on various risk-related topics such as the most recent industry announcements and releases related to risk and regulation. These are suitable for all members but generally tailored for mid-senior level risk management professionals.

Including a repository of risk management tools and guidance, and a host of publications, thought leadership and case studies that set out industry best practice and the latest advances in the risk landscape. These resources are suitable for all members.


How to participate in the Risk Centre’s activities?

Access to the Risk Centre’s resources is an additional benefit for members included as part of their annual membership fee. For an additional fee, UNEP FI members will have access to the in-depth working groups and their latest materials, as well as early access to the working group outputs ahead of publication.

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