Banking on Green Buildings

Our publication “Banking on Green Buildings” explores how banks can play a key role in making our buildings more energy efficient and contribute to their climate and resource efficiency goals, including those made under the Principles for Responsible Banking.

Assessing climate transition risk: methodologies and roles for financial institutions

This latest report emphasises that achieving climate goals requires targeted retrofitting strategies and avoiding stranded assets, all underpinned by key performance indicators (KPIs) that track progress towards these ambitious environmental milestones. It delves into the critical nature of retrofits, evaluates existing methodologies for assessing climate risks in real estate portfolios, and explores various stakeholders' roles in facilitating retrofitting.   

Climate Target Setting for Oil & Gas Sector Financing

'Climate Target Setting for Oil & Gas Sector Financing' is the fourth in a series of publications developed by members of the Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) with the goal of assisting banks by outlining the choices they face when setting climate-related targets for financing in various carbon-intensive sectors of the real economy.

Climate Mitigation Journey

The Climate Mitigation Journey (CMJ) is a manual for banks outlining the business capabilities they need to build and iterate for years to come as they are looking to align themselves with the Paris goal of 1.5°C global warming and net zero, as part of their commitments under the PRB and/or NZBA.

Supporting Notes for the Guidelines for Climate Target Setting – Version 2

The 'Supporting Notes for Version 2 of the Guidelines for Climate Target Setting' offer clarification on several aspects of the 'Guidelines for Climate Target Setting for Banks - Version 2' which Net-Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA) member banks voted to adopt in March 2024. The updated version of the guidelines has applied to all new targets and any new iterations of existing targets set by NZBA member banks since 22 April 2024.

Climate Risks in the Metals and Mining Sector

Designed for banks, insurers, investors, and their clients, this report provides a baseline understanding of the key physical and transition climate-related risks faced by the mining and metals sector.