Financial health and inclusion was identified by signatory banks in the 2020 Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) Collective Progress Report, as one of the top three sustainability challenges where they can have the most impact. In December 2021 the PRB Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion was launched. Signatories of the first-of-its-kind commitment are promoting universal financial inclusion and fostering a banking sector that supports the financial health of customers. Find out more about the commitment here.  

In 2022 the second edition of the Guidance on Financial Health & Inclusion Target Setting was launched, supporting signatory banks in their efforts to set targets in line with the requirements of the Principles for Responsible Banking. The Guidance was created by the Working Group on Financial Health and Inclusion and includes a common framework for actions and targets in this area of impact. 

The first set of banks’ targets were released in 2023, as part of their Commitment to Financial Health and Inclusion. These targets can be found consolidated in the following summary report. Subsequent targets can be found here.