Zenith Bank plc


Africa & Middle East


Date joined:7 May, 2008

Company Profile
Zenith Bank Plc is one of the leading financial services providers in Nigeria with business presence in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and the United Kingdom (UK). The company offers a broad range of financial services and products to consumers, corporate organizations and governments. Zenith Bank Group provides services including Commercial and corporate banking services, investment banking/corporate finance advisory services, stock brokerage, asset management, insurance and pension custodianship.
Zenith Bank’s excellent service delivery driven by a passion for customer satisfaction has earned it an enviable position as the financial powerhouse in Nigeria.
Zenith Bank Plc & CSR
Zenith Bank believes that corporate social responsibility is a way of life and therefore considers it a serious and passionate cause. Through its Zenith Philanthropy department, Zenith Bank ensures that the philanthropic vision of the bank is carried out efficiently and professionally. The environment we operate in has shaped our corporate social responsibility strategy over the years. To this end, we are deeply committed to the cause of education at all levels because of our firm belief in human capital development. Zenith Bank places a high premium on the youths hence, we empower the youths through information and communication technology (ICT) and sponsorship of sports programmes and vocational activities to enable them take advantage of the limitless opportunities available in this information age and for their general wellbeing. Zenith Bank also contributes substantially to health causes in improving maternal health, preventing child mortality, combating HIV/AIDS, and assisting the needy in accessing quality health services and treating life-threatening ailments. We give assistance to faith based organizations to cater for the spiritual wellbeing of members of the society. The Bank is committed to infrastructural development (roads, public buildings and security equipment).
We strive to be an environmental and socially responsible financial institution ensuring sustainable financing and development while carrying on our activities. We maintain high corporate governance and ethical standards which has been reflected in our strong brand and ratings.
Zenith Bank assists non-governmental organizations in their various areas of interests to make the society a better place to live and do business in.
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