Webinar: Listen to a conversation about “Rethinking Impact to Finance the SDGs” and learn more about the Positive Impact paper

3-4 September 2018

A conversation about “Rethinking Impact to Finance the SDGs”, a Position Paper and Call to Action prepared by UNEP FI’s Positive Impact Initiative, now out for consultation.

This paper argues that the cost of achieving the SDGs can be significantly reduced and that private sector solutions can be significantly stepped up, via a new approach to public-private interaction based on an impact paradigm and a holistic approach towards impact analysis and management.

In sharing this consultation version, our aim was to work more closely with experts to make our paper better and shape a meaningful Positive Impact Initiative.

The recordings are available here:

*Monday 3rd September – Eric Usher & Andrew Parry

*Tuesday 4th September – Eric Usher & Denis Childs

The paper and a dedicated feedback form are available for download here.

To access the PowerPoint used in the webinars, click here.