6 June 2013 | Brussels, Belgium

UNEP FI in partnership with Globe EU brought together European policy-makers and the financial sector during a lunchtime event at the European Parliament, to exchange their perspectives on the relevance and materiality of sustainability considerations for finance institutions. On the one hand, European Commission speakers shed light on initiatives such as the Commission’s finance consultations on resource efficiency and the non-financial reporting directive proposal. On the other hand, concrete illustrations on how to embed sustainability in the identity of a finance institution came from the finance sector itself. The event opened the space for dialogue on the ways in which policy-makers and finance institutions’ roles could complement each other in advancing sustainable finance practices in the EU space. Agenda Presentations: Sustainable finance: a collective responsibility
Yuki Yasui, Acting Head, UNEP FI Materiality of Environmental & Social issues for Rabobank
Lara Yacob, Program Manager Client Engagements, Globe